Friday, 4 June 2010

Day Four

The Graham Brothers share a joyous moment by the seaside.

Swimming in La Manche, otherwise known as the English Channel.

Whilst reading some Jean-Paul Satre, 80's man was inspired by the beautiful surroundings.

The team with fellow companion, David.

The beach and all its wonders.

The team took day four off to recouperate after three days cycling. They bought supplies from Hyper U, their french improving drastically with each supermarket trip, and visited a beatuiful beach five miles north west of the village. Uncle Peter taught them a few phrases, as well as giving some useful advice regarding the planned route, which ended up altering it altogether. Abandoning their original intentions of traversing the Loire Valley due to the arduous nature of the route, the team now plan to travel south from Plancoet, going down along the coast, heading east before they reach Bordeaux, then travelling in a south easterly direction to meet the Pyrannees just north of Andorra. Vital services to the bicycles are currently being made with the help of Uncle William, in order to ensure the consistent bien-etre of the groups' machines. Spokes are being tested to their limits and sparks are flying in all directions amidst the busy atmosphere of the open air farm workshop. Goslings run amok around the heavy duty machinery; kids bleat listlessly from behind a 20,000v electric fence. The atmosphere is assuredly one of high tension.


  1. From the Hughes Family in E17: Good luck for the next part of the trip! Any route details would be appreciated as we're trying to follow you on google maps.


  3. We're looking forward to your next blog, hope the journey is going well!